US053D Cordless Garden Sprayer

About the Product

  • 12Vmax CXT Li-Ion Cordless 5 L Garden Sprayer
  • H-shaped double head nozzle
  • Single/double head spraying selectable
  • 2-mode selectable (Mist and Stream modes)
  • Double head spraying enables wide area spraying
  • Compatible with Round nozzle ULV5

Standard Equipment

  • Upright Double-Headed Nozzle, Wide-Angle Herbicide Nozzle, Shoulder Harness, Holder, Measure cup

Standard Accessories

  • US053DZ: Bare Tool (Battery and charger sold separately)

Download Files

  • Max pressure0.3Mpa (3kgf/cm²)
  • Chemical tank5L
  • Hose Length1.7 m
  • Continuous Use (min.)Spray Single: w/ BL1041B: 250min
  • Dimensions343 x 182 x 343 mm
  • Net weight2.9 kg – 3.0 kg (6.4 lbs.- 6.6 lbs.)