PDC01 Portable Power Pack

About the Product

  • “Simple” Portable Power Supply Unit powered by multiple LXT batteries
  • Powered by up to four 18V LXT batteries
  • The user of 18V LXT batteries can get longer run time at less cost
  • Compatible with 18V LXT / 18V x2 LXT / 40Vmax XGT / 36V direct power connection
  • Also can be used as a stationary power pack by detaching the backpack harness
  • Tool adapter with pivoting cord; designed for use with a variety of tools; increases the maneuverability of a connected tool

Standard Equipment

  • Harness, Charger

Standard Accessories

  • PDC01 (191A62-6): 18V+18V and 18V Adaptor
  • PDC01 (191A67-6): 18V+18V Adaptor only

Download File

  • Capacity24 / 12 Ah
  • Energy Capacity432 Wh
  • Dimensions400x195x132mm
  • Net weight1.7 kg (5.6 lbs.)